Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why it’s so hard to believe in Super-Beings or God.
We, or rather what we have become as a people is why it’s so hard for us to believe in extraterrestrials. As both a man of strong spiritual convictions and a man of science, it irritates me that the reason stares us in the face daily. The simple truth is that our selfishness, and our life-comforts in what we have become accustomed to as the norm has crippled us as a species. In attempting to explain this position to my non-scientific friends I use the analogy of a freshwater pond as an example. I would explain to them that we could go out and find a good-sized pond some fifty feet across. We could then go and bring in a backhoe and dig ourselves a new pond next to it some fifty feet across and then proceed to fill it with water. When we are done we now have two ponds, one new, one old. These two ponds are the same size, same dimension, and depth. I would then ask “which pond has more life in it?” Usually, the reply is a correct answer, which is the older pond. I would then ask why and they would again answer correctly, “Because the first pond is older and has been around longer” they would assert. This tells me they have a grasp on the basic fundamental law of biological life, in that, if life is given time and the right conditions, it prospers. Ok, so using this example we understand the first pond that could have easily been around for hundreds of years, has had more time to develop life. Even if the first pond is only a week older than our new pond, that week head start still gives it more life and more varied forms of life than the second pond. Our known universe can be looked upon in this same fashion. When we hold up the universe as a whole against our meek solar system we can make the same comparison. The universe as a whole is some 14.5 billion years old while our solar system, earth, is only 4.5 billion years old. I am not offended when folks say they do not believe in extraterrestrial life, as there are the two factors they are unable to grasp that upholds their stance. These factors are the age and size of our known universe. In this understanding, one can safely arrive at the conclusion, that mankind was not the first form of physical intelligent life. You see, time is also on the side of the older life-form. One thing we find in nature is that nature seems to expand upon itself in varying degrees of dimensions. We will use just one dimension for this example, size. When looking at the sub-atomic and atomic scale we see strikingly familiar architecture and forms that resemble architecture on the macro scale. In other words, the Eagle Nebula, although on a macro-scale, resembles a biological mass on a micro-scale. If an image of it was shown out of context to a physician they would be hard-pressed to identify it as a biological mass, instead of an astronomical one.

In our human arrogance, we feel better, are more comfortable, with the notion that mankind is the pinnacle of life in the known universe. And our argument? If there is intelligent life out there we, mankind, would have seen, heard or found it by now. This statement and worse, this belief, smack dab in the face of ultra-arrogance. Life sciences are a hobby of mine, so I use it, or rather the natural world we are used to as a model to explain larger astrological systems. So as far as what the oldest and therefore most intelligent life-forms would look like or be made up of I use our largest most known earth-environment, water. 70% of our planet is covered by water, 90% of all life on earth lives in that medium, water. So, basically, it can be said that fish and aquatic life are really the major life form on earth. Imagine if God put to vote circumstances on earth to the life forms on earth, mankind would be out-voted every time. Also, fish or the life-forms found in this the largest medium do not look like creatures that live on land. In other words, their bodies have taken on the form and structure that best suits life in water. This understanding can also be used with our universe. If the largest parts of our universe are made up of 23% Dark Matter, and 72% Dark Energy, then it stands to reason that these larger older mediums contain the oldest and more numerous forms of life. What this means is that the rest of the universe, the 5% left over is composed of Beryllium matter, the stuff you and I can see, feel, hear, smell and taste. This also means that these older life forms would NOT be physical in their nature; they could not be to exist in an ethereal void. From this example, we can well imagine the majority of life in the universe would more likely be intangible, or if you will, spiritual, in nature. The next and final question is why don't we see them, why haven’t we found them? The answer maybe they don't want us to, or, they just may exist beyond our frail scope of human perception. These beings, who would be ancient in the extreme and beyond the scope of our comprehension would have to be considered God, gods, or super-beings. There would be no other accurate category to place them. These beings would not be composed of matter at all, but have the ability to interact with matter at will if they wanted to.

Here is another example of what mankind’s predicament looks like on a cosmic scale: Say we have a 25-gallon fish aquarium filled with guppies we caught from the pond out by our home. From the time we caught them we now have three generations of guppies all living in the tank. Now, on a micro-level, the fish tank is earth, literally for the last two generations of guppies born there. For these last two generations know no other life outside of the fish tank. For them, this aquarium is their world, the home or house is their solar system and outside of the home, the openness of planet earth is their universe. Now, the remaining first generation of guppies fully understands that this tank is in no way as large as the pond from which they were originally caught. Here we have a better view of how mankind looks confined to earth against the backdrop of the universe, but not quite. For those of you who thought WE were the guppies, you were wrong, we, the better model of us in the fish tank would be to have mankind be the millions of microbes in the tank along with the guppies. That's right; the microbes make a far better example of our placement in the universe than do the Guppies. Now we can get to work on why it’s so hard for us to believe in God or Super-Beings/extraterrestrials. Let's say that the human beings that own the fish tank are a race of Super-Beings, and then we have the guppies, and then us, the microbes. The guppies can visually see beyond the confines of the fish tank's glass walls, yet they do not understand what they are looking at. They may at some point understand that when one of these huge beings move in close to the tank and remain for a while, food comes. Other than that there is not too much more understanding that will come from the Guppy/Human relationship. The Microbes, however, which represent us, is another story entirely. Microbial eyesight and visual perception is primitive, if it can be called sight at all, so it will never allow them to perceive the owners of the fish tank in their true form. The presence of the humans as they approach the tank would be seen as shadows at best. The microbes can never hope to understand that when light enters their world, it is the result of a human flicking a light switch. There would never, ever, be an understanding from their point of view as to the REASON the light came forth in the first place. In other words, from our human or Super-Being perspective, maybe we had a book or newspaper to read or one of our children turned on the light to search for the homes puppy. It is this same philosophy that dictates the possible futility of projects like S.E.T.I. To a Super-Being, a God, for the microbes in the fish tank to send out chemical impulses, (The Microbial form of communication) and to hope to pick up communication from one of our cell phone conversation is ludicrous. If a Super-Being doesn't want to be found, heard or discovered, guess what, it will not be found heard or discovered. Now, just as we know of the unseen microbes’ presence in the aquarium as humans, there is nothing these microbes have that compels many humans to study, let alone communicate with them. Only a hand full of human beings, (microbiologists) have any interest at all in microbial life in the first place. Let’s still go a little further, let’s say that for some macabre reason there was a sudden interest in microbes on earth. That a full-scale campaign was launched to push microbial study to the next level, the nano-level. If this were to happen we could then create nano-machines that could interface with microbes on behalf of the mankind. Now, to facilitate the best possible relations with the microbes the nano-machines would be constructed or engineered to look and move like the microbes, and not human beings. In other words, it makes better sense for a Super-Being to create as an interface mechanism, a thing that would be familiar to the lesser species and not the builder. This gives us a better understanding as to what could be happening on our human level. It would make little to no sense for the nano-machines we build to look like human bodies, than for a Super-Being to create an interface mechanism that looks like something that would scare the socks off of us. Better to compose it of solid matter, at least most of the time, and or to create bipedal beings with bilateral symmetry. What does it take to be a God or Super-Being? One simple pre-requisite, they just have to be on the scene first. For mankind to suppose we have any hope at all of finding a race of Super-Beings, who may have to give conscious effort to allow discovery is again arrogant on our part. After all, when we want to study an ant colony, we don’t shrink ourselves down to ant size, learn the ant’s language and protocols and visit the ant-queen to ask permission to study them. No, we go in, ransack the colony and take specimens and the Queen herself if we want to. Why? Because our advanced technology and might allow us to, nothing more. Our human ethics do not extend down the insects, just as it did not extend down to our human slaves we once kept. It’s this deep unsettling feeling you now have as you see our place here on earth from this new perspective. It gives most of us that creepy feeling when it comes to thinking of an advanced race looking in on us anytime they wanted to with impunity. Imagine higher beings able to look in on our world and us with the ease it takes us to wipe away morning condensation from our window. Or maybe they could just sit in a room on their homeworld or dimension and activate certain energies and the room itself leaves their own dimension to appear here in ours. From their standpoint, they never have to leave their place of residence at all. Rather, they just warp time and space around the room and they appear simultaneously in our world while remaining in theirs. It is great new minds now thinking along these lines of Quantum and Theoretical Physics that will unlock new frontiers of science and new ways of thinking.

 It’s hard for us to come to terms with the fact that we actually only perceive a small window of our known reality. That our perception of just this sliver of the universe is not a fault or frailty of man as many so-called thinkers might assert. They believe that there could have been no Intelligent Designer as any designer would not have left us so weak. This thinking is again due to mankind’s arrogance. To suggest just because through instrumentation we have discovered the many wavelengths of light and electromagnetic fields, does not mean we should be able to detect them naturally. They fail to understand that Intelligent Design is Simplistic, and not complicated. If mankind had a designer, they would have designed us to live on earth, not the planet Krypton. In other words, our human limitations are there because we did not need to go any further to survive. For example, Butterflies see in the Ultra-violet light spectrum because the identification of their foodstuffs lie in that light spectrum. For any scientist to suggest that human being is frail because we don’t have an adaptation for which there was no impetus, is not a very good scientist, or they are making leaps into a scientific field for which they are not qualified.

We forget all the great scientists had great imaginations, and faith, let’s not forget faith. Just think of it, when we find that elusive God-Equation, the equation that explains life, all the others ahead of us will be wondering what took us so long.js